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On the second day our Khmer New Year holiday, at about 7 a.m., we went to the beach again to see the view with the sunrise in Sihanoukville. Everything there looked really beautiful and fresh. After walking along for almost one hour we tried to get some vehicles for riding around. First, we thought we had to hire a tuk-tuk or a motorbike taxi to go around, but one of my friends has relatives there so he borrowed two bikes from them. Also we found out that one of our friends in Phnom Penh came to work in Sihanoukville. His name is Soy. So, we called Soy to find out if he would like to join our party. And the answer was; yes; he also missed us. Everything seemed going very well because Soy came with his bike too, then we had three motorbikes for seven people, so we were really happy.

We went to have breakfast at a place close to Psar Lue (High Market). They had many different types of food, so my friends and I had many choices too. Two of my friends don’t like to eat vegetables. And also we bought some stuff cheap like soap, shampoo, and toothpaste.

Phnom Penh Pages

Soy took us around town and to his place, and then we went to Ream National Park. The beach in Ream National Park has a very beautiful view because the mountains and the sea are close to each other. Also, along the beach there are many huts where we can get some food and soft drinks. My friends Hok and Pea like to take photos with different styles and different views. My other friends and I had some food and drink, lying and resting.

In the evening we went to Ochertual Beach again because there was a concert there, called Randonal Party. It was made by a wine company, and to join that concert or party you had to pay money. But my friends and I did not have enough money so we just went to drink at the old place. That night we were very happy because there a lot of people.

Phnom Penh Pages

Kompong Cham

10 MAY

My friend Peah invited five of us to Kompong Cham for the birthday ceremony of his grandmother. She is about 74, and he wanted some company at the ceremony because otherwise everyone there is like 74 years old. So we went on our motorbikes. On the first night I was drinking with Peah’s relatives and [...]

On Khmer New Year in mid-April, my friends and I took a bus to Sihanoukville. We stayed at the Sunday Guesthouse, very close to Ocheteul Beach. It’s a good place to stay because we don’t have our motorbikes with us and we could walk to the beach. On the first day we walked to the [...]

Yesterday afternoon, at about 5 pm, I was riding around just like everyday, but that day I rode past one of my friend’s mother’s shop. She sells things like soft drinks, candy, cookies, different fruits, cards for cell phones, and many more things. This time while I riding past, there were a lot of people [...]

Por is one of my friends in Phnom Penh. His house is close to Orrusey Market. He is 21 years old and studies English with me at ACE (Australian Centre of Education) but has a different class than me. He also studies at an university called CU (Cambodia University). Almost every morning Por calls to [...]

Everyday after class my friends and I like to do something together. Sometime we play football, snooker, or drive around in town flirting with the girls. But most of time we play snooker for one or two hours before we go home. The place we would like to go to is called “Man U Snooker [...]

Since the new governor started his job, Phnom Penh has changed a lot. The new governor’s name is Kep Chuk Tema. He used to be a governor of Takeo province, but when he became the new governor in Phnom Penh he started many projects like fixing the parks around Phnom Penh, and upgrading the storm [...]

Last week I went to the riverside to work as a motorbike driver. When I was there I saw three foreign girls having lunch. I walked up to them and started to talk with them and I found out they want to go to the Killing Fields. But the problem was, they wanted to go [...]

Kampot Caves

08 MAR

After our visit to Kompong Orussei we went to visit the caves at Kompong Traach, a town that is close to Kampot. There at the caves are lots of small kids, wanting to be guides to the caves, and each of them has a flashlight. Riya and I, and some of Sophea’s friends, had one [...]

My friends Sophea and Bros are studying law and economics at University. Today they went on a trip to Kampot with their University for their University activity; helping poor people. My friend Riya and I went with them, even though we are still in high school. There were a lot of students that went. There [...]