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Last night I didn’t go to my home near Phnom Penh airport because one of my friends, Hok, wanted me and his other friends, Riya and Hay, to stay at his place for a drinking party. Also they had dancing and played traditional games for Khmer New Year.
At first I thought I would just have some drinks with them and then I’d go home with my brothers, but at 8:00 p.m. I saw some of Hok’s neighbors organize to play the music with two big speakers. I could feel it would be a nice time to stay because I hadn’t seen it for a while too, so I changed my decision. I stayed at his house for the night. Also, I think it was a good idea for me not to drive when I drink.
During the party they organized the music and there were already many people sitting and watching, and some playing around with different traditional pop games. At about 8:50 pm they started on the music, and I saw that it made those people happier and braver to go out to the middle of the room to play and to dance.
When we were drinking Hay got up and joked to us, “Hey, I’ve just seen the girl that I dreamed about for long time.” So I said to him, “Come on man! Go on! Maybe she might be interested in you.” And then he just laughed very loudly and said, “You think so?” Then he stood up and got another friend, Riya, to go with him. The two of them are a bit fat, so Hok said to them, “Be careful! Make sure that girl is not scared.” Buy after that I didn’t see Hay or Riya talking to that girl.
We had a nice party and we did dance some too, but we could not hang around until the end because Hok’s parents haf to close the door, and we also we were a bit drunk and tired, so we just went to sleep at about 12:30.
It’s a different feeling for me to see something like this when it’s close to Khmer New Year. And especially every night on the way back to my home I see a lot of places that are doing like this, organizing music and dancing, but with a different style of the decorating to make it look nicer.

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