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20 MAR

On Sunday last week when I got up I didn’t see my mom at home. The first person I saw was my youngest brother hanging around outside and I asked him: “Where is mom?” He said, “She’s gone to Bueng Kok.” I knew where she had gone, it’s by the lakeside, where my elder sister’s house is. And my mom just left us some vegetables and meat for us to cook for lunch.

Usually if my mom is busy, the cooking will be done by my younger sister. She’s 15 and she works in a beauty shop, but the problem is, she is working so nobody at home knows how cook as good as my sister or my mom, so the cooking is going to be someone else in my family. That’s a problem.

So, about 11 am I decided to find some recipes to cook lunch with that vegetable and meat. My recipes are always easy and tasty, that’s what I like. Then the idea come into my mind to fry everything together. So I began to cut up the meat and vegetables and than I fried the meat first and I put the herbs and the soy sauce that my mom usually uses for cooking and some other things to make it taste good. And after the meat is a bit well cooked I put in the vegetables that I already cut up and left it for about 5 minutes and than tested it to see what the flavor was like and it was good, the way I like it. So I got that for my family lunch but I don’t know what I should call it. Also my younger brother was there with me too and he helped me to cook the rice and about midday we had rice and some of my meat and vegetable fry for lunch.

That day there were only my two brothers, Sokun and Ratana. The two of them liked it very much, so I left some for my mom and the others too. Later my mom and dad came back and they had a late lunch and they seemed to be okay with that food and they finished it all. So I think that means my cooking is not so bad!

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