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Yesterday I went to the stadium with my friends to see them play football. I really wanted to play too but I couldn’t because I’m not staying in Phnom Penh like before, so it really hard for me to have to shower and to change clothes. Also they played at around 3 pm, and it’s really hot at that time and I will sweat a lot.

My friends started inviting the other groups around the stadium to have a competition, betting 500 riel each player for one goal (that’s just to buy water to drink). Each team has 6 players, so it’s 3,000 riel for the whole team for every goal.

I was really surprised to see my friends play because they are so good now and they seem to be very strong even when the sun is so hot. While they were playing each of them always looked at me and said: “Would you like to like to play?” But I always say no.

At about 5 pm there was a fight. Everyone stopped playing and just looked, so I went closer to see what was happening. I saw two guys; one was about 40 years old and the other one was a bit older. First those two guys’ friends tried to stop them from fighting but the younger one seemed very angry and just pushed everyone away and tried to hurt the other guy. The older one just ran backward and said, “You should go home if you’re drunk” and “Don’t be stupid with me or you will cause trouble.” The other guy just got angrier and ran after him and was swearing with very bad words. And then they started to fight again but this time no one stopped them and they kept fighting for a while and everyone playing football stopped and watched.

It’s really strange to see something like this to happen and with everyone just watching. Also some people there made a joke; “Which one do you pick to make a bet on?” I hope the guy who said this was those two guy’s friend. That’s really bad to hear something like this for me but I still can’t do anything, so just waited until someone came to stop them.

Those two guys are coaches and they may be training for football in this stadium, I really would like to know some more details but I think it’s not good that they fought like that. My friends stopped playing and I just went back home with them.

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