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On 14 February, when I was going with my brother to Phnom Penh, on the way back from our mother’s house, I saw there were many little stalls selling flowers for Valentine’s Day, especially along the street in front of Bak Touk high school. Some people had designed their stall very nice and played some romantic music, pretending to be a real shop.

I went to my friend Hay’s house. He was selling flowers for Valentine’s Day too. When I arrived I saw a very lovely small flower shop in front of his house and I saw him there too, and I joked to him: “Wow! You look like a shop man!” And he said: “That’s what I try to be!”

I liked his shop very much, even though it was small and just set in front of his house. My friends and I didn’t want to go anywhere, we just wanted to hang around there listening and playing the music with his laptop, and help him to sell the flowers. Some of my friends also had time for flirting with the girls who came to buy flowers from us! That was good for me and my friends who did not have a girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. We had a good time at Hay’s shop, and also it was really nice that Hay’s parents were so kind to us. Usually they are not.

At about 5 p.m. Hay let his brother and sister look after the shop and we went riding around on motorbikes to see what it was like in the neighborhood. One of my friends sitting behind me said: “Wow! I never thought it was getting to be such a big event this year.” Valentine’s Day is not part of our Cambodian culture; it’s just another country’s culture or event. But now almost everyone in Phnom Penh knows and likes to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

For me, I do like Valentine’s Day, just like everyone does here, but the thing I wonder is: why do the boys have to care more about doing something for Valentine’s Day than the girls?

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