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On Sunday I went to Sihanoukville with my friends to celebrate the end of the Grade 12 examination, which is the Final Examination for high school. If we pass this we can go to University. That is our dream.

There were 29 people, boys and girls. Not all of them were studying Grade 12, a lot of them were just friends, but we made a big party to go to Sihanoukville, and we rented a bus. At Sihanoukville we stayed at Sunday Guesthouse. There were eight people sharing in my room, all boys, and all the girls in their own room. After we put our stuff in the room, we went to have some lunch at Psar Leur market, and then came back to the guesthouse to get our clothes for swimming.

We went to Ochheuteal beach for swimming and playing football, and some of us playing cards at a table beside the sand. In the evening we came back there again and we had some drinks and food like crab and fish and baby squid, and playing with fireworks and making a bonfire out of driftwood on the sand and sitting talking and relaxing — but no playing music, because no one in our group can play guitar. I have a guitar but I don’t know how to play it.

And we were sitting and talking about how we feel after the exam and what subject we’re going to study at University. Some of my friends said they won’t study any more, but they’ll stop and find a job because University is very expensive. My friend Riya said he’s not sure yet what he’ll do, maybe he’ll keep working for his boss at the computer shop. It was very nice to talk on the beach, under the stars, and listening to the waves.

In the morning we went to Kbal Chay, which is a waterfall. We went swimming there, taking photos, buying souvenirs, and then we went to have lunch at Ream National Park. There is a very nice view there, with the mountains and the beach close to each other. It’s very beautiful, but the food is expensive. Then we went back to the guesthouse to rest then in the evening we went back to Ocheuteal Beach to have some beer and some food again and we got very drunk that night. The boys all got very drunk anyway, but the girls they had their own circle, and the boys they had their own circle, so we are all friends together.

Next morning got up extra early and drove to a different beach to see the sunrise, because this is the day we have to go back to Phnom Penh and we want to have as much time as possible at Sihanoukville. We didn’t go swimming, just taking photos and buying some souvenirs. On the bus on the way back to Phnom Penh my friends were all talking about how if we pass we’ll go back to Sihanoukville again, and next time we’ll make a really big party, stay longer, and have more fun.

The results of the exam will come out this week!.

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