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Last Sunday I went to my mom’s house close to Phnom Penh Airport . Most of the time I go there only with my friend Riya, but this time I went with a lot of friends, because we planned to go to the countryside together. First we were going to go to Oudong, but we couldn’t because of the money problem, and also I think it’s not good if we have to drive back far, so we decided to go and to play football with my other friends at my mom’s home in my village.

We paid 10,000 riel each, which is just $2.50, and from all of them I got 120,000 riel. So I got $30. I spent $15 for the beer and ice, and with the money left I tried to buy a duck for lunch, but it was too expensive and I’m not very good at bargaining, so I give the rest of the money and another $5 to mom to get the food.

She got a big fish and three 3kg of oysters, and some pork. We were really sorry because none of us know how to cook at all, so it took my mom about one hour to do the cooking. While she was doing the cooking my friends and I were sitting and talking. I looked at my mom I really felt pity for her because I just come to visit her one time per week but I let her do a lot of stuff for me and my friends.

After our party we all were going to play football, but we saw the volleyball court there so we started to play volleyball first and then the rain started to come down. We played under the rain for almost half an hour. Then some foreign teenagers came to ask us to play also. They looked the same age as us. But we hadn’t finished our game so we asked them to wait and they waited for us until we finished. I was really wondering where they come from, but in my mind I already thought that they were from the church near my village.

I talked to one guy who is those foreigners’ friend to find where they come from and to invite them for the football competition. He told me they all come from Australia and they come to my village with an organization from their school.

The football field was completely wet from the rain so it was a bit hard to play but it was really fun and also good to play with a foreign team like that. It was really an exiting and new experience for us. The score was 2-all and we hadn’t finished the game yet when one older guy in their team (maybe their teacher) told them to stop, because there was lightning. They seemed like they would still liked to play with us again and we feel like that too.

Finally we just made a new competition between my friends and some friends in my village who aren’t scared of the lightning. At about 5 o’clock we rode back home and we all talked. I think it was really a nice day today.

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