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Crazy Driver

24 AUG

On Wednesday at about 8 p.m., after my English class, three friends and I rode two motorbikes along Norodom Boulevard. There was Fou with Hok on one bike, and me with Pearom on the other one. We were on the way to Sovanna Super Market just to pick up Pearom’s older sister from her work.

There was a red light on the corner of Norodom Blvd. and Monivong Blvd., so we stopped for it. There was one guy there, he was riding a Honda Cup motorbike, but he was riding badly and acting strange. He tried to go even though the light was still red, and he hit an old lady’s bike in front of him. When the lady looked at him, he just made a loud noise and looked back to the lady, and he also looked at me and Pearom too. I was a bit angry because I think he is very rude. Pearom asked me, “What’s wrong with that guy?” I told him I don’t know! I think he just wanted to scare that lady and everyone around us. But we both thought by the way he did it, he is not like a drunken man. I think he looked like he was more stoned by drugs.

After the red light went off, he rode forward but kept looking back at us. It really made me and Pearom angry. Then he turned left, I turned left too, Hok and Fou were still in the traffic. The crazy guy was still looking at me and Pearom. Then I turned right to get close to the sidewalk, and then that guy rode straight to us then shouted, “Why you look at me?” I hadn’t said anything yet, but Pearom just jumped off the bike and punched him and tried to knock him down. I got off the bike too and going to help Pearom but that guy just dropped his bike and ran into a restaurant near there. Pearom shouted to me: “Sochiet get on the bike, hurry up!” We knew that guy was going to get some weapon.

Hok and Fou were there looking at us, Pearom jumped on their bike and we left. First we thought that the stranger was not going to come, but unbelievable, he was just about 2 or 3 meters behind us, and he shouted very loud “Don’t run! Thief! Thief” and pointing something at me. We all really felt scared because if the crowd helped him to catch us, it might be very dangerous. We weren’t scared of him but we were scared of the crowd. We knew that we weren’t thieves, but that situation is not the place to tell the truth. So the best idea for us is: Run! Run! Run!

I had nobody with me on my bike so was not hard for me to escape, but I was worried for my friends a lot, because I really don’t know exactly what this guy has in his hand. And I thought, if I hear a shot, some of my friends will be injured. But it’s really lucky, the guy’s bike was slower than our bikes and there was no shooting and we all get away. I feel so happy that all my friends are okay!

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