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My brother’s name is Ratanak, and he’s 17. Two months ago I brought him from my family‚Äôs home in the countryside to live with me in Phnom Penh so that he can go to school. He sells newspapers to make money to pay for his school and support himself. The reason he does this is because my family is poor.

In Phnom Penh there are more then a dozen kids selling newspapers along the riverfront. They do their business before and after class. They collect the newspapers in the morning, around 9am to 10am, from the Monument Books store, which is somewhere around Independence Monument. The newspapers that they sell are the Bangkok Post, Economist and International Herald Tribune. They also sell Cambodia Daily and sometimes the Phnom Penh Post.

Yesterday Ratanak sold only two newspapers. He made sales of four dollars, but had to give two dollars to Monument Books. The rest of money is profit for him. It’s good and easy for those kids to do this, but they have try and work hard to improve their life. Kids should be paid to go to school by their parents, but these kids are too poor so they have to make money for their own education and to support their family.

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